Let A Million Talents Bloom

Talents are as myriad as individuals around the globe. I have seen people with amazing skills, which if cultivated, would fulfil their life’s purpose. The misfortune being most of them fail to achieve their potential because they don’t know where to begin and don’t get encouragement that help in shaping and grooming their talent.

 Going deeper one finds a correlation between the opportunities for a particular skill and the number of people who pursue that skill. For example, if I see a future in the talent that I possess and which the external world values and thereby allows me to gain some recognition or compensation, I will pursue it. Performing arts – singing, music and dancing are very good examples of such skills. There are a number of platforms and opportunities and people end up pursuing these talents aggressively.

 In comparison to performing arts, visual arts, literature and many other amazing skills lack scope to inspire individuals to pursue them. The future sometimes appears bleak for these talents making one wonder if we will end up becoming a planet of dancers. The reason for the explosion in performing arts is obvious. Reality shows like America’s Got Talent, American Idol and other pop cultural phenomenon offer big time opportunities for talented dancers and singers. Kelly ClarksonSusan Boyle and Jean Martyn are shining examples who achieved fame through these platforms. On the other hand, people becoming famous for other talents are a rarity. There are only a few success stories and platforms that fuel these opportunities and I will discuss some of them in my next post.

 It’s time we give all types of talents their due.

(Tenacious Tallenger)

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5 thoughts on “Let A Million Talents Bloom

  1. Ritesh says:

    I agree. There are hundreds of amazing talents that need recognition which can amaze us to unimaginable extents

  2. I agree. There are hundreds of amazing talents that need recognition which can amaze us to unimaginable extents.

  3. Prerna says:

    It seems the above two readers think exactly the same way…:)

  4. The Irregular says:

    Like the heading – tallenge – blooming a talent in India is really a challenge.

  5. Prerna says:

    It’s not just in India, it’s all over the world where not-so-popular talents are in short of platforms to come into light. I think the internet world is getting ready to embrace all kind of talents and bestow them the recognition they deserve.

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